James Gary is well known for his musical glass skills and has performed on national television programs such as Real People, National Public Radio, has recorded for commercials for Earnest and Julio Gallo Vinyards. He has performed with the San Francisco Symphony, as well as the Mozart Festival of Alameda.

James was featured in a recently released book " One Minute Super Stars" for his unusual talent of performing on Music Glasses. He has also put together performance and educational programs for schools and churches.

Have You Heard the NEW Christmas CD from The Piano Guy? This is a must have for any Christmas Holiday collection! Beautiful arrangements combine the unique sounds of musical glasses with piano and strings that is different from anything you've heard before.

If you're unsure what musical glasses are, they are a musical instrument of the 18th century consisting of a set of glass bowls. It is played by running moistened or chalked fingers around the rim of the glasses. Each glass is tuned to a different pitch by filling the glass with water until the desired pitch is achieved.

The tone of the musical glasses is quite unique and the instrument itself is very difficult to control with quality of the tone changing with the amount of water on the fingers and the amount of pressure used. The resulting performances are always different but beautiful.

This is a collection of Christmas pieces performed on Musical Glasses, accompanied by piano and strings recorded with his son, Brian Gary. We hope this musical collection blesses your Christmas Season.

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