The 16 week course will cover:

  • The Basis for all Piano Technique
  • Performance – 10, 12 or more pieces
  • Note Reading – All of the Grand Staff used for Piano Music
  • Rhythms – All rhythms usually encountered and basis for all rhythms.
  • Ear Training – Recognize tonality, relative and perfect pitch.
  • Memorization – Master techniques that keep pieces at your fingertips.
Family Piano Lessons with The Piano Guy!Just how does it work?

Example: Father, Mother and 2 children At any given lesson 2 or more come to the lesson. In addition to actually learning all or part of a piece, technique, note reading, ear training and rhythms are learned.

At home the material is shared with other members of the family. Everyone progresses!

In addition, recordings of all the things covered at the lesson can be reviewed as needed.

Supplementary materials will be sent via the internet. Plus… each family will have a web site to share with family and friends documenting their progress!

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